CL Salon

CL Salon brings together experienced stylists to best serve their customers. Originally working with high-end clientele in the Yorkville Shopping District, they bring the same desire to serve clients at their new Mirvish Village location. CL Salon came to us while starting their business to help them establish an online presence, and create a website. After much satisfaction, they returned for content creation and marketing strategies as well. 

CL Salon Website.png

Web Design

We worked hand in hand with the owners of CL Salon to create and design a website that best suited their needs and showcased their unique location and services. Since more and more businesses are utilizing online platforms, we understand the importance of establishing an online presence for our customers. Through our suggestions, CL Salon requested that we incorporate an online booking system, allowing them to keep up with the shifting trends. This complex system was made with ease of use in mind, with push notifications and calendar syncing to all schedules. After rigorous testing, we confirmed the functionality of the booking system, ensuring that each individual stylists were able to receive up to date notifications on their own mobile devices.

CL Salon.png

Content Creation & Marketing Advising

After the completion of the website, CL Salon came to us inquiring about marketing ideas. Having analyzed their market and target audience, we presented them with several marketing proposals. This included how they should push content out on social media, and what types of trends they should look for. We also filmed a “Coming Soon” video, which not only promotes their business, but keeps their existing clients updated on the status of the new Mirvish Village location.


We helped CL Salon film a “Now Open” video upon the completion of their salon. This video showcases the beautiful interior design, and provides a quick look at the services offered. In addition, CL Salon entrusted us with the coverage of their grand opening event. We provided them with videography and photography content, which was later uploaded to social media to announce their grand opening.