Harbin Grand Theatre

Situated in Harbin, China. Harbin Grand Theatre is one of the most renowned performance art theatres in Asia. With their state of the art architecture, which won the “Arch Daily 2016 Building of the Year Award,” Harbin Grand Theatre is a recognized counterpart to collaborate with international composers. At Lumos, we had the pleasure of helping Harbin Grand Theatre create a documentary titled War And Peace”. 

Harbin Grand Theatre (2).png

Content Creation - Documentary

We have worked closely with the CEO of Harbin Grand Theatre, Qian Cheng, in producing a documentary to promote their Russian opera, War and Peace. During our first meeting, we sat down and discussed potential ideas on how to attract more audience and engagement for both the theatre as well as the play. This was no easy task, as there were approximately 400 crew members working on the production aspect of War and Peace, and time would be limited. Despite the time restrictions, we decided that the best way to showcase both was to create a documentary, which will allow fans and audience members an inside look as to just how much work it takes to set up a production of this size. Overall, we shot a near feature-length documentary and completed final post-production in just 15 days. 


Marketing STrategies - Social Media

Throughout the process of filming, we also had to collaborate with the in-house marketing team at Harbin Grand Theatre to create content in order to promote the documentary. We first assessed the audience and demographics, then advised them on how we would manage and deliver the content. Through successful execution, we established a "hype" for the production, which resulted in sold out tickets and a full house for the play.