Sharing a home with the largest BMW dealership in Ontario, Mini Markham owns one of the greatest automotive facilities in the Greater Toronto Area. Our collaboration with Mini Markham consisted of joint event planning, and a commercial shoot directed and produced by our team at Lumos Media.


event planning

Our collaboration with Mini Markham was veered towards customer appreciation and ultimately, building brand loyalty. We took this opportunity to launch a new vehicle, the 2019 Mini Cooper Countryman Hybrid. We reached out and secured sponsors that provided hors d’oeuvres, drinks, desserts, and donations which went towards our event raffle. The planning phases leading up to the event date included a teaser reel which was sent with the event invitations. Our team at Lumos Media produced creative content that contributed to the success of the Mini Cooper event.


commercial shoot

We directed, filmed, and produced a short film which emphasized on the Mini lineups. The concept of the commercial was to display to the audience that no matter what Mini model car you drive, you are all a part of the Mini Markham family. The commercial shoot utilized various video capturing tools, from active rolling scenes to aerial drone shots capturing the Mini cars in different landscapes.