Omescape is one of Canada's most popular and unique escape room games facility. It's the perfect blend of technology and design, offering players an enjoyable yet challenging experience every single time. We've worked closely with Omescape to create content, and advise on target specific marketing strategies.


Content Creation - Escape Room

Working closely with the owner of Omescape Canada, Lumos Media produced two creative advertisements inline with the marketing strategy that we have developed for them. Showcased in this video are some of the unique features of Omescape's escape rooms. 

Content Creation - Epic Runner

Being the first escape room business to create something as unique as Epic Runner, we naturally had to create an interesting way to showcase it. 


Marketing Strategies

During our consultation, we developed a few marketing strategies that would most benefit their business and the customers that they want to attract the most. We subtly implemented them in the content we created.