Aside from businesses, we have also collaborated with many independent clients. Whether it's strategizing for investment plans, helping our real estate clients create content or boosting social media awareness, we do it all.

Content Creation - Heart Puzzle Trailer

The director of the Chinese film Heart Puzzle contacted us during the developmental phase of the project. Director Bai Jing Quan wanted to create a trailer to show potential investors what the synopsis of the film would be. Thus Lumos Media developed a short storyboard highlighting some important aspects of the film, and later edited the raw 5K footage taken on Red Epics. 


Content Creation - Real Estate

Content in real estate is a crucial part of selling a home. We have worked with several real estate clients with a wide range of homes listings. 


Marketing - Personal Social Media 

In addition to our wide range of business clients, we have also worked with individuals on creating personal social media profiles. We help direct more traffic and visibility to the content that we create for them.